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Form: TV Series | Genre: Mystery Thriller / Family Drama

Audience: 20's - 30's, Male | Status: Available For Option


Logline: A retired military officer realises he knows nothing about the wealthy foreign family he has married into when his relatives become the targets of a series of assassination attempts. He sets out to find the culprits, bring them to justice and save his family.

Full Script Available Upon Request




The Bliznakov Hotel Group runs Europe’s most luxurious hotels, offering custom, attentive service to the global elite. With a new hotel celebrating their grand opening in New York City, BHG hopes to bring their high-class services to the rest of the world. But back in Bulgaria, where the Bliznakov family runs BHG from their headquarters, things aren’t so cheery. The Bliznakov patriarch and founder of the company, Borka Bliznakov, is nearing the end of his reign. His three children, Darian, Grozdan and Malyna are all too aware of this fact, and each has their eye on the big seat. Tensions are running high as the various families fly in from around the world in anticipation of the big announcement: Who will Borka choose as his heir?


Sam Whitten, Malyna’s husband, is caught up in this maelstrom of political and family drama. As an army veteran he’s seen his fair share of combat, but the backstabbing and undermining of the Bliznakovs is another beast entirely. Still, his days of fighting are over, and he’s content to play the role of househusband and loving father to his three kids…


That is until Borka is nearly killed in an assassination attempt. The three families fly into panic, accusations are flung around and whatever thin veneer of civility remained is quickly dissipated. To make matters worse, the investigating officer assigned to the case, Devora Todorov, has a personal vendetta against the Bliznakov family and won’t hesitate to besmirch their name with the dirt she digs up. As a last resort, Borka calls for Sam and entrusts him with a mission: Find the culprit using his skills as a former investigations specialist for the military and protect his family.

“Whoever I choose, it is vital that in the public eye we are a united family. If the three of you can't even do that, then none of you deserve the position” - Borka

Bliznakov is a family drama in the vein of series such as Succession and Power, where petty in-fighting stems from childhood grievances and struggles for control. But unlike these series, Bliznakov takes the form a series-long murder mystery: As the show progresses, members of the Bliznakov family are killed off one-by-one and the noose tightens around the remaining relatives. Sam will have to unearth the family’s secrets in order to save them… but by the time he’s done, he may want nothing at all to do with the Bliznakov family.

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