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Mark Rowland is an Australian screenwriter and content creator based in the UK. His style tends towards the pragmatic, yet his content veers into the fantastic and terrifying. One feels upon reading his stories that they are safely being guided into a realm unknown, at once confronted with new worlds yet couched in comfortingly familiar archetypes.


Mark’s work lies between the surreal, twisted visions of Stephen King, the suspenseful psychoanalysis of Alfred Hitchcock and the bluntly incisive identity critiques of David Mamet. His clever, tense plots pull the audience through a first viewing, while on a deeper level his stories explore human themes rather than political or social commentary. Control, masculinity and redemption frequently feature in Mark’s work, with characters struggling to find a morally righteous path forward by suppressing their baser urges and temptations of spiteful revenge.


Mark completed his Masters of Screenwriting at London Film Academy, graduating at the top of his class. Outside of his studies, he co-created, wrote and voiced for CultureCrash, an edutainment YouTube channel with over 200 thousand subscribers. He also solely created Scriptease, a channel producing video essays on screenplay analysis. His other writings include educational videos for high school text book publisher Jacaranda and film reviews for Westside Radio, for which he also occasionally joins the Sunday breakfast show on air.


Mark aims to one day run his own original-concept TV show, preferably an animated show produced in the west in the style of anime. Additionally, he would eventually run his own screenwriting business, providing services as a script doctor and creating a collective of writers to produce original works with a unified style.

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