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A selection of my completed screenplays are provided below along with short script samples. If you would like to request the full script, any supporting documents or more information, please reach out to me at

Feature Film: Survival / Mystery Thriller

When a misanthropic navy officer is shipwrecked on a remote island, she must uncover the sinister goings-on between the island's enigmatic inhabitants to escape.

TV Series: Horror / Mystery Thriller

In the Australian outback, a research town is established to study a species of scorpion-like creatures. The daughter of one of the researchers begins to experience twisted thoughts, disrupting her school life and pulling her closer to the creatures’ clutches.

Animated TV Series: Dark Fantasy Adventure

When a violent outlaw-in-hiding gets exposed, he sets out on a journey to obtain a royal pardon for his past crimes. But along the way, he becomes the reluctant leader of a group of mystically-powered rebels set on overthrowing their king.

TV Series: Mystery Thriller / Family Drama

A retired military officer realises he knows nothing about the wealthy foreign family he has married into when his relatives become the targets of a series of assassination attempts. He sets out to find the culprits, bring them to justice and save his family.

Short Film: Erotic Thriller

A teacher is nearly caught spying on his student in the shower and must avoid suspicion… but little does he realise that she has just finished burying a body.

Audio Short: Psychological Thriller / Horror

When a free-spirited girl breaks up with her boyfriend at a hippie-ish music festival, all she wants is to find her stash and go home. But in  her tent, she meets a stoned stranger who promises to ease her anxiety through drug-fuelled meditation.

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