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Good Behaviour

Form: Short Film | Genre: Erotic Thriller

Audience: 20's +, Male | Status: Available For Option


Logline: A teacher is nearly caught spying on his student in the shower and must avoid suspicion… but little does he realise that she has just finished burying a body.

Full Script Available Upon Request

Good Behaviour.png



High school teacher John Palmer is groggily making his way home after falling asleep in his office when he spots a figure in muddy clothes moving towards the school’s change rooms. He follows to reprimand them, but realises he knows this person: Sienna Barrett, one of his students… and an incredibly attractive one at that. She strips down and showers, and John finds himself transfixed… until his phone goes off. Panicked, John makes a run for it.


However panicked John may be though, Sienna has it worse: She has no idea if her voyeur just saw her showering, or also saw her burying a body shortly beforehand. Over the next few days, Sienna tries to figure out who the voyeur is, while John tries desperately to avoid Sienna’s suspicions. Eventually, Sienna susses out John and decides to twist this to her advantage… maybe he’s exactly the hapless, horny fall guy she needed.

“I thought when we were done I’d feel dirtier. But right now, I feel like I just woke up from an amazing nap, fully rested” - John


Good Behaviour is a short erotic thriller story with two amoral leads: John is stuck in a failing marriage and pursuing an underage girl to satisfy his sex drive, while Sienna comes from a poor, broken home and, as we will learn, will resort to anything to escape her low standing. As their affair blossoms, one wonders if Sienna’s plan to seduce John will be as easy as she had hoped…

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