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Form: Animated TV Series | Genre: Fantasy Adventure

Audience: Teenage, Male | Status: Available For Option


Logline: When a violent outlaw-in-hiding gets exposed, he sets out on a journey to obtain a royal pardon for his past crimes. But along the way, he becomes the reluctant leader of a group of mystically-powered rebels set on overthrowing their king.

Full Script, Show Bible, Concept Art and Pitch Available Upon Request




Carrion takes place in a cruel world where killers absorb the souls of their victims. Absorbing that soul makes the killer stronger, creating a natural breeding ground for murderers: Desperate thieves, bloodthirsty cutthroats and malicious schemers.


Our hero Kohl isn’t much better. Kohl is a trained killer, and though he takes no pleasure in the act he demonstrates his skill when necessary. After a revenge-fuelled outburst in which Kohl slaughtered soldiers and civilians alike, he fled to the outskirts of the empire. When the army visits the nearby village, Kohl’s violent past is exposed: He is forced out of his refuge and onto the road. Worse yet, he’s now being doggedly pursued by a scorned soldier. There’s nowhere to hide: Kohl resolves to get a pardon for his crimes. But to get it, he’ll have to travel back to the capital… The site of the slaughter.


The road to the capital won’t be easy. With a soldier on his tail, an army presence in every town and dangerous elements preying on travellers that wander off the beaten path, Kohl is certain to find plenty of opportunities to put his fighting skills to use. And, even if Kohl does make it to the capital in one piece, getting a pardon from the king won’t be simple…


Thankfully, Kohl isn’t alone: His partner, Ila, is the one person he’d stick his neck out for. Though weakened by a blood borne illness, Ila’s wisdom and passion nonetheless keep Kohl on the right path. A boy called Rali also joins Kohl’s journey: His wide-eyed, rose-tinted outlook clashes with Kohl’s jaded view of the world. This journey sees both of their beliefs tested: Kohl’s cynicism is relieved by Rali’s zest for life, but Rali’s naivety is crippled by the harsh realities of their world.

“Kill or be killed, Rali. Vengeance and mercy are both preludes to death” - Kohl


Carrion follows in the footsteps of battle anime such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Hunter x Hunter and Avatar: The Last Airbender. Each episode will mainly focus on action, setting our heroes up for a fight with the baddie of the week and showcasing new powers. Although some of these characters will seem absurd and larger-than-life, the emotional stakes of each battle will be very real. When we’re not fighting, we’ll be uncovering the secrets of this new fantasy world: The political machinations, the nature of its people, and the history of this land. Carrion is mainly aimed towards a younger male audience with its focus on action, but the show is easily accessible to other audiences as well thanks to Kohl and Ila’s romance, plus their familial relationship with Rali. Additionally, the very nature of an adventure show welcomes the perspectives of other characters as the series progresses.


Despite Kohl’s wish for peace, he’ll have to kill to get it. In confronting this hypocrisy, Kohl will face the guilt he feels over his own violent nature, and the guilt of his past crimes. He’s seeking a royal pardon from the king, but is that really the forgiveness he needs?

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